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With the improvement of the status of pets and the increasing abundance of pet food, the packaging design of pet food becomes increasingly important.

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With the improvement of the status of pets and the increasing abundance of pet food, the packaging design of pet food becomes increasingly important. When designing packages, designers should not only pay attention to the colors, graphics, typesetting, modeling and text of packages, but also consider the habits of pets and their owners' interests.

Bulk pet food is cheaper per unit price, so it has become a consumer trend. To keep products fresh, most pet food packages are resealable, another consumer trend.

The advantages of Pet Food Stand Up Bags as follows:

1. Stand steady, which is conducive to the display of loan rack and attracts consumers' attention;

2. Sufficient location to describe products and complete product information display;

3. Stand straight, is conducive to the beautiful display of the brand;

4. Flexible packaging composite process, material changes, according to the thickness of the material and oxygen barrier, display effect and printing effect, the benefits are more obvious;

5. Equipped with reusable zipper, consumers can open and close the zipper newly, and the box cannot compete with it;

6. Multi-color printing, beautiful appearance of products, with a strong promotional role.



Pet Food Stand Up Bags






Up to 9 colors excellent gravure printing


Stand up pouch/bag


1) Great to prevent leakage,excellent moisture barrier

2) Excellent moisture barrier,high temperature resistance
3) Accept OEM & ODM
4) Strong sealing and durable,easy to tear open, top grade printing


Plastic film, Cartons/Boxes, Pallets

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Free samples for neutral types.Samples refer to products produced by our company for other clients. You can make better judgment on the quality of our products by referring to the material, style and price of the samples.


1. Flexible but robust materials for easy transportation, storage and shelf presentations

2. Variety of convenience and ergonomic features are available (e.g. stand up, flat-bottom, top zip, front zip, etc)

3. Wide variety of printing, texture and visual effects available to help you highlight the benefits of your pet food

4. Huge range of sizes available

5. Perfect packaging solution to suit every need

6. All our pet food stand up bags are customized products. The products on the website are for customers' reference only. If you are interested in our products, please contact us. We will give you a competitive quotation according to the product specifications, materials and quantity you need.

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