Laminated Films for Packaging

Laminated Films for Packaging

Laminated material is a kind of soft packaging material with the most kinds and the most widely used.

Product Details

Definition of roll film

There is no definite and strict definition of rolled film in packaging industry, but it is a commonly used term in the industry. Simply speaking, rolled up packaging film is only a process less than finished bags for packaging enterprises. Its material types are also consistent with plastic packaging bags. The common ones are shrinkable PVC film roll, OPP film roll, PE film roll, PET film roll, composite film roll, etc. Film rolling is used in automatic packaging machine, such as common bagged shampoo, some wet towels and so on. The cost of rolled film packaging is relatively low, but it needs to be equipped with automatic packaging machine.

Laminated Films

Laminated film is a kind of soft packaging material with the most kinds and the most widely used. At present, there are hundreds of multi-layer composites containing plastics used in packaging. Laminated materials generally use 2-5 layers, but special needs can reach 7 or more layers. Using plastic, paper, aluminum foil and other substrates scientifically and reasonably in combination or lamination can almost meet the packaging requirements of different goods.

1) Material:

Laminated Films For Packaging, composite of two or more materials, such as: PET, VMPET, OPP, OPP, CPP, VMCPP, PE, AL, PA. etc.

2) Main Products:

a. Aluminum foil films for Cleaning Tissue

MATERIAL: PAPER/ PE/ ALUMINUM/ SURLYN (hot sealing material).

b. Food packaging films for tea, salt, pepper, sugar, and coffee etc.


c. Plastic packaging films for wet tissue and food packaging.


3) MOQ:

1 ton

4) QC :

100% inspection cargos before delivery;

5) Payment:


6) Other Service:

We can give you some ideas for the packaging according to your products.

Why Choose Us

Tangquan Packaging offer food packaging rollstock with rotogravure printing as well as clear and smooth laminated film that are available in captivating designs and patterns and can also be custom made in various designs, sizes and volumes as per client's specific requirement. While some flexible packaging manufacturers have reformulated to the cheapest raw materials available, we continue to use high-quality materials in our packaging.For over 10 years, we have upheld a reputation in the packaging industry for manufacturing material that performs consistently.


Please provide information for faster and more accurate quotation:

1. What are the specifications and sizes of your packing bags? 

(e.g. length, width, side, thickness, etc.)

2. What are the composite materials used for your packaging bags? 

If you are not sure, we can suggest the right materials for your products based on our experience.

3. What are the types of bags? 

(e.g. U-shaped bags, T-shaped bags, H-shaped bags, vacuum-pumped composite bags, high-temperature cooking bags, paper-plastic bags, aluminum-plastic multi-layer composite bags. Bags for dry food, puffed food, snacks, daily chemicals, meat products, quick-frozen food, ultra-low-temperature frozen food, high-temperature sterilization food; trilateral seal, side organ bag, middle seal bag, self-supporting bag, zipper bag, self-packaging roll film, etc.)

4. How many colors do you need to print for packing bags? 

(Printing fees are charged by the number of colors)

5. What is the quantity of this order?

Provide design draft by customer or design department of our company.

6. Ex-factory price or tax price or CIF price?


Q:Are you a Manufacturer or a Trading Company?

A:We are a profession Manufacturer which have been exported for 10 years.

Q:What is your main products?
A:Printed plastic packaging bags and film rolls ,all kinds of packaging bags.

Q:Can we make our own brand?

A:Yes,we can supply the OEM service.

Q:Why choose us?

A:10 year experience manufacturing

Free design & sample

QC inspect on each procedure

Excellent After-Sale Service

Q:Can you help to design?

A:Yes, you could just tell us your idea, we will advise some reference items and help to design especially for you.

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2.our services

3.Tangquan printing&packaging

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