Laminated Film For Packaging

Laminated Film For Packaging

Laminated films for packaging generally have three composition modes:PET/PE,BOPP/CPP,OPP/PE.

Product Details

Laminated films for packaging generally have the following three composition modes.

PET/PE composite roll film:

OPET/LDPE composite bags are made of polyethylene terephthalate and high-pressure polyethylene, commonly abbreviated as PET/PE composite bags, which have the characteristics of high transparency and good oxygen resistance, so they are especially suitable for inflatable packaging of foods such as bread and cakes. Moreover, since the composite film has good heat and cold resistance, it can also be used as a packaging bag for quick frozen food and steamed food.

BOPP/CPP Composite Roll Film:

BOPP/CPP composite film is made of biaxially stretched polypropylene and unstretched polypropylene, which is customarily called OPP/CPP composite film bag. Among all composite films, this composite film has relatively high transparency. Compared with single-film plastic bags, the cost is higher under the same thickness than that of single-film plastic bags, but the hand feeling is better than that of single-film plastic bags. Because of its good moisture resistance, this kind of film is mainly used in food, and it is mainly used to package some dry food and fast food, such as biscuits and instant noodles. The disadvantage is that the high temperature and cold resistance are poor, so it is not suitable to package refrigerated and high temperature sterilized food.

OPP/PE composite roll film:

BOPP/LDPE composite bag is composed of bi-axially oriented polypropylene and high pressure polyethylene composite bag, commonly abbreviated as OPP/PE composite bag. This composite bag is very good in air and moisture resistance, so it is especially suitable for packaging products such as green tea. Its oil resistance effect is also good, so cooked food and some oil products are also packaged with this composite bag.


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A: Our factory is located in Quanzhou City,Fujian Province, China. And welcome to visit our factory.

Q:What information is needed to place a new order?

A:Bag Type,Size, Structure, Quantity and Usage.

If possible, please kindly attach your Artwork of your package.

(Or if you have document of product standard, please help to give it to us.)

Q:What service do you offer when placing an order?

A:OEM service. Customized product is on your request.

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A:1. We are manufacturer, can provide you the best quality and price.

2. More than 10 years experience specialized in plastic bag, compound bags

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Q: What information should tell you if I want to get a comprehensive quotation?

A: The material, the size, the usage, the printing colors, the quantity, and the thickness of the product. If it is possible, please also provide


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