Aluminum Foil Composite Film

Aluminum foil has many advantages, such as good barrier, shading, gorgeous appearance, light weight and non-toxicity.

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Aluminum foil has many advantages, such as good barrier, shading, gorgeous appearance, light weight and non-toxicity. It is used as barrier layer in composite materials. On the one hand, the shiny surface and good printing adaptability of aluminium foil make it an ideal packaging material. On the other hand, aluminium foil can better maintain the flavor of food and preserve food for a long time. Compared with other soft packaging materials, aluminium foil is impermeable to light, air, water and most other gases and liquids, and can sterilize at high temperature, so that the products are not harmed by oxygen, sunlight and bacteria.

Because of its excellent performance and compatibility with many products, aluminum foil composite film has become a widely used packaging material for food, electronic products, medical products and other products.


1. Up to 9colors

2. Good material and printing,Good looking, vivid print, excellent shelf presentation

3. Composite Roll Film made of high quality raw material

4. Performance:good moisture,oxygen &light barrier,perfect oxygen and steam barrier

5. Water-proof, oil-resistance, anti-corrosion, environmental friendly.

6. Suitable for packaging tea, cosmetics, powder,coffee, food etc.

More information

1. If you are not clear about the material specification,you can send the samples to us,we can check it and let you know the specification.

2. Comprehensive service for order following and tracing.

3. Shipping cost inquiry to your destination port.

4. Main products:film/roll film/Mylar film/printed film/packaging film roll/aluminum metallized polyester film/laminated aluminium foil film/coffee bags/spice bag/stand up bags/side gusset bags/zipper bags/kraft paper bags/three-side sealed bags/mid-bottom bags/back sealing bags/self-sealed bags/special shapes bags/side-gusset bags/spout bags etc.

5. You can ask for free samples before placing an order to confirm the quality of the material and our manufacturing process, etc.

6. Please provide the specifications, thickness, bag shape, materials used, and printing area of the product so that we can calculate the exact price. Due to the different order quantity, printing process and packaging requirements, and the price of raw materials fluctuates from time to time, the price of the website is only for reference price. The final price should be negotiated with customer service.

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