What Should We Pay Attention To When Printing Two-dimensional Codes On Plastic Packaging Bags?

- Jul 31, 2019-

What should we pay attention to when printing two-dimensional codes on plastic packaging bags?

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, two-dimensional code identification and payment have been more and more widely used in product sales.Today we will discuss the topic of "what should we pay attention to when printing two-dimensional codes on plastic packaging bags".

First of all, we should pay attention to the color contrast of two-dimensional codes: insufficient color contrast of two-dimensional codes will affect the recognition of two-dimensional codes by mobile phone software.In order to read reliably, after printing, there should be obvious contrast between lines and spaces in the bar code, "empty" pattern reflectivity should be as large as possible, and "line" pattern reflectivity should be as small as possible.Try not to add shading to prevent insufficient contrast from affecting reading.

Secondly, attention should be paid to overprint errors.In general, we stipulate that the large overprint error (overprint error between main color and picture) should be less than or equal to 0.4 times the nominal width of narrow bar code.If overprint is not stable, it is recommended to print the two-dimensional code in monochrome, so there is no overprint problem.

Finally, care should be taken not to lose the elements on the printing plate so as not to cause difficulties in reading the two-dimensional code.In printing, due to printing plate reasons, it is easy to cause printing pattern defects.In order to control the size error of the two-dimensional code, the key to printing is to control the ink color and printing pressure to ensure the accurate recovery of the two-dimensional code.Under normal circumstances, we should ensure that the ink is "small in water and small in ink" and at the same time ensure the necessary ink layer thickness.There is no false stripes caused by small pressure or insufficient ink color.There is no stripe diffusion caused by large pressure or ink.

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