What Food Needs Vacuum Food Packaging Bags

- Jul 05, 2019-

There are many kinds of foods on the market, all kinds of snacks, cooked foods, pickled products, cosmetics, daily necessities, are inseparable from the packaging bags. In particular, there are so many types of food, some food packaging bags are vacuum, and some contain air. For example, the potato chip food packaging bag, the bag is filled with oil and air, and the whole packaging bag is supported up, and the shape is good. Since the potato chips are relatively brittle and easy to break when they are touched, air must be injected during packaging to prevent the chips from being broken during transportation and affecting sales. The food packaging bags for potato chips are filled with air, but some bags are for air. Let's take a look at those foods that need vacuum bags!

1 foot bathing chicken feet, belonging to cooked pickled products, need vacuum packaging, air evacuation, cooked food storage period is short, exposure to air will easily deteriorate, generally vacuum packaging.

2 chicken wings chicken legs, like the spicy chicken feet above, vacuum packaging.

3 sauerkraut, sour bamboo shoots, in addition to sour bamboo shoots and some juice, so vacuum packaging is very important, a little packaging is not good, it will easily deteriorate.

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