What Are The Special Properties Of Aluminum Foil Bags?

- Jun 10, 2019-

Aluminum foil bag is a kind of packaging product with various packaging lengths. It has low cost and exquisite printing. The product is opaque, silvery white and has anti-gloss. It has good barrier properties, heat sealing, light blocking and resistance. High temperature, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, aroma retention; non-toxic and tasteless; softness and other characteristics. Common planning, new printing process, outstanding picture planning and trademark role, can plan special trademarks or drawings, play a good anti-counterfeiting effect, and can increase the high-grade products and become the preferred product of the current packaging bags.

1: Which products are used for aluminum foil bags?

Food packaging bags: rice, meat products, dried fish, aquatic products, bacon, roast duck, roast chicken, roast pork, frozen food, ham, cured meat products, sausage, cooked meat products, pickles, bean paste, spices, etc. class.

2: What are the shape of the bag of aluminum foil bag?

The shape of the bag is: ordinary three-side sealing bag, three-side zipper bag, yin and yang bag, standing zipper bag, octagonal zipper bag

3: What are the composition of the material structure of the aluminum foil bag?

Common material combinations are: PET/AL/PE (common), PET/AL/high temperature CPP (high temperature resistant bag), PET/NY/AL/PE (vacuum vacuum aluminum bag)