Some International Packaging And Printing Exhibitions In The Second Half Of 2019

- Aug 08, 2019-

Some International Packaging and Printing Exhibitions in the Second Half of 2019

2019.07.18-07.22 30th Malaysia International Packaging Exhibition

2019.09.18-09.21 Thailand International Packaging and Printing Exhibition PPI (Duce Group Project)

2019.09.24-09.27 Belgium Label Show 2019 (Label Show)

2019.10.16-10.23 21st German International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition (K-SHOW) (Large Plastic Exhibition)

2020.05.07-05.13 German Interpack Duse Packaging Show (Grand Packaging Show)

2020.06.16-06.26 Druba Printing Exhibition (Grand Printing Exhibition)