Seoul International Packaging Exhibition, 2020, Korea

- Oct 21, 2019-

Seoul International Packaging Exhibition, 2020, Korea

——One of the most influential packaging exhibitions in Korea

packaging exhibitions in Korea

KOREA PACK is one of the three major packaging exhibitions in Asia. The Korea International Packaging Exhibition was selected by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy as a representative exhibition in Korea and an excellent trade fair in Gyeonggi Province. The exhibition gathered many cutting-edge products and technical elites in the four fields of packaging machinery and equipment, packaging materials, food/medical packaging processing and packaging equipment manufacturing.

Professionalism: The exhibition has a variety of characteristics. The exhibition is a large-scale, international and representative packaging professional exhibition. It is the current professional exhibition of packaging industry in Korea. It is a comprehensive exhibition from video production to packaging and logistics. Sexual information exchange places, with excellent affiliate marketing, can play a greater role in coordination.

Rich activities: During the exhibition, the government commendation conference related to packaging new technology, the Korean packaging industry related policy seminar and international exchange meeting, the opening of the new packaging technology museum and the excellent packaging design special museum, the exhibitor new technology seminar, etc. will be held. . In the same period, excellent international exhibitions such as Korea International Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Technology Exhibition and Korea Medical Exhibition will be held.

High technical content: KOREA PACK 2020, which is aligned with the world's TOP5 packaging exhibition, is a large-scale packaging exhibition in Korea that can simultaneously watch the packaging industry trends and future prospects. The exhibition is engaged in the packaging industry of the food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, chemical industry and all industries, and is constantly providing innovative and innovative packaging technology and industry trends, and is working beyond Asia to become a large-scale packaging professional exhibition.

Range of exhibition:

1. Packaging machinery, packaging materials and packaging materials processing machinery, various packaging containers, packaging products;

2. Pharmaceutical products, cosmetics processing and packaging machinery;

3. Food processing and packaging machinery;

4. Corrugated and color box processing machinery and materials;

5. Printing machinery and labels, labeling, advertising equipment and materials;

6. Testing equipment and control systems, environmentally friendly materials, equipment and technology, packaging design, related packaging industry groups and technical research institutes;

7. Other related products and services.