Material Characteristics Of Heat Shrinkable Labels

- Jun 20, 2019-

Heat shrink labels are now available everywhere in our lives, and many packages require heat shrink labels. The heat shrinkable sleeve is a non-crystalline copolyester polymer with excellent transparency, toughness and chemical resistance. Let's take a look at the material characteristics of the heat shrinkable label, and hope to help you better understand the heat shrinkable label.

1. Taking the PET heat shrinkable label as an example, the shrink label produced has the best shrinking effect unmatched by any commercial shrink film, and can be closely attached to the high profile, and its application range is much larger than that of other materials.

2, The heat shrinkable label achieves a shrinkage rate of up to 80% through a custom configuration, so that it shrinks and fits seamlessly on a shaped container, a polygonal container, a round container, and even a small part such as a bottleneck can be tightly wrapped.

3, Once the fit, its superior strength can prevent the danger of bottle blasting, strong contraction force can prevent the label from falling off, is the best packaging appearance.