Kazakhstan Almaty International Packaging Exhibition

- Oct 21, 2019-

Kazakhstan Almaty International Packaging Exhibition

KAZUPACK——One of the famous packaging exhibitions in Kazakhstan

KAZUPACK will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, from November 6-8, 2019.

Wide coverage: The show provides an excellent opportunity to showcase professionals in the food and packaging market in Central Asia. The exhibition audience is highly targeted and the exhibition effect is remarkable, attracting wholesalers, retailers, importers and exporters, distributors, industry associations and organizations from Central Asia and the Middle East.

Strong attraction: The exhibition was founded in 2003 by the famous British exhibition company ITE. It was strongly supported by the Kazakhstan Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Kazakhstan, the Almaty Municipal Government, the Kazakhstan Farmers Union and the Central Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. . Since its inception, it has become a platform for exchanges among people in the packaging industry in Kazakhstan. The Kazakhstan International Packaging Exhibition was held concurrently with the Kazakhstan International Food Exhibition. The exhibition scope was mainly based on food packaging, canning and labeling machinery. Exhibitors generally believe that KazUpack is a channel for expanding sales and market share in the Central Asian market.

Range of exhibition:

1. Packaging machinery and accessories: food packaging machinery, vacuum packaging machine, folder gluer, bag making machine, laminating machine, coating machine, filling, filling, sealing, sealing, labeling machinery, strapping machine, baler , winding equipment, inkjet printer, coding machine, cup, box, bag, barrel, can, bottle, lid, manufacturing machinery, daily chemical packaging machinery, plastic flexible packaging equipment, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, plastic machinery, all kinds of die cutting Tool accessories, etc.

2. Warehousing and packaging equipment and warehousing and transportation: forklifts, hoists, shelves, pallets, electric hoists, telescopic machines, loaders, conveyors and other storage and handling equipment;

3. Detection and treatment equipment: waste treatment equipment, testing equipment, mechanical parts, packaging lines and integrated systems;

4. Packaging and secondary packaging: packaging parts and accessories, packaging processing machinery, packaging manufacturing machinery, printing machinery, labeling, marking, coding and identification machinery, product primary packaging machinery, second-hand packaging machinery, industrial packaging, packaging Innovation, corrugated honeycomb paperboard equipment, carton machinery, cartons, paper tape, pulp, etc.;

5. Packaging materials: co-extrusion compounding, stretch blown film, foamed sheet, cardboard paper tube, aluminum foil aluminum, adhesive tape, hot melt adhesive processing machinery, plastic packaging materials, metal packaging materials, food packaging materials, pharmaceuticals Packaging materials, green packaging materials, etc.;

6. Packaging containers and packaging products: plastic packaging containers, metal packaging containers, glass packaging containers, container bags, woven bags, plastic bags and other green packaging technology, packaging anti-counterfeiting technology, packaging design, packaging technology, packaging and publishing media.