How To Make Green Plastic Bags

- Jun 25, 2019-

The advent of plastic bags has brought great convenience to people. With the improvement of people's quality of life, consumers are increasingly demanding plastic bags. In line with the concept of environmental protection, the greening of plastic packaging bags has also become an important development trend. So how should plastic bags be green?

First, the green packaging of plastic bags requires the preparation and development of new antioxidants, UV stabilizers and free radical scavengers. Recycling plastic containers for daily chemicals, trays or turnover boxes for food, etc., can use plastic stabilization technology to manufacture high-quality plastic products to enhance the value of reuse or recycling.

Second, in the packaging design should use the same material, can be separated and coexistable materials, and tend to use materials that are simple in structure and easy to recycle. Under the premise of satisfying the packaging function, the amount of garbage generated is minimized, thereby showing the trend of lightweight packaging film.

The concept of protecting the environment will always exist with the development of society, and the greenization of plastic packaging bags is an important way to achieve this goal.