Can Moon Cakes Be Packed In Aluminum Foil Bags?

- Aug 27, 2019-

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching again.Orders for moon cake packaging pouches, moon cake packaging rolls are hot.Today, I received a consultation from a customer of a mooncake manufacturer, who said that he would like to make a batch of mooncake packaging bags and wonder if aluminum foil bags can be used for packaging.

From the previous market, moon cake packaging bags rarely used aluminum foil.On the one hand, the aluminum foil bag is not transparent and the moon cake cannot be seen.On the other hand, the shelf life of moon cakes is not as long as that required by biscuits or other snacks, and due to cost factors, aluminum foil is rarely used in moon cake packaging bags in the past market.

However, with consumers' pursuit of product quality and outer packaging getting higher and higher, aluminum foil bags can be considered for moon cake packaging for the following reasons:

First, the aluminum foil bag is colorless, tasteless and nontoxic, and is environment-friendly and safe without generating peculiar smell.

Second, the aluminum foil bag has a Korean appearance and good printing effect, which makes the moon cake packaging more elegant.

Three, aluminum foil bags used for moon cake packaging can prolong the shelf life of moon cakes.

In short, aluminum foil is more environmentally friendly, safe and sanitary than other materials, so moon cake packaging can be completely compounded with aluminum foil according to customer requirements.

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