2020 Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition——TOKYO PACK

- Oct 21, 2019-

2020 Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition——TOKYO PACK

The world's leading edge, Japan's largest integrated packaging exhibition

TOKYO PACK is sponsored by the Japan Packaging Technology Association and is held every two years. After more than 50 years, the exhibition has grown into the world's leading edge and Japan's largest integrated packaging exhibition. The 2020 TOKYO PACK will be held in October.

As one of the world's leading comprehensive packaging exhibitions, TOKYO PACK is not only in Japan, but also has received continuous attention from packaging people around the world. It is characterized by bringing together the latest information in the packaging industry, and the encounter between exhibitors and viewers has a new chemical reaction, thus creating a synergistic effect of packaging technology innovation. This is a grand event of all the possibilities of packaging that are constantly evolving, full of creativity and a world-class packaging industry.

The exhibition focuses on packaging materials and packaging machinery used in various industries, and includes everything from design, procurement, production, distribution, sales, consumption, and waste recycling.

Range of exhibition:

1. Packaging materials and containers: recycling and recycling, biodegradability, carbon neutral containers, carbon-equivalent containers, energy-saving packaging, microwave ovens, and other suitable containers;

2. packaging machinery: measuring machine, counting machine, packaging machine, filling machine, bottling machine, bag filling machine, all kinds of filling and packaging machine, gas filling and packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, pillow packaging machine, etc.;

3. Printing, packaging materials processing machinery: digital printing, inkjet printing, flexographic printing, gravure printing, various printing machines, plate making equipment, paper processing machines, plastic processing machines, extruders, etc.;

4. Food, pharmaceutical, and purification related machinery: cooking machines, pastry bread making and processing machinery, meat processing machinery, dairy processing machinery, pharmaceutical processing machinery, sanitary products, etc.;

5. Inspection, measurement, packaging related equipment: testing machine, measuring machine, measuring machine, metal detector, inspection and analysis machine, X-ray foreign body detection machine, foreign body inspection machine, screening machine, etc.;

6. Packaging design, communication and services: product planning, packaging graphic design, packaging design, commissioned filling packaging (packaging and production trust (OEM / ODM), complete equipment engineering, packaging test inspection and diagnosis services;

7. Circulation, logistics system equipment and services: traceability management system, binary coding, RFID, circulation and logistics IT systems, storage machines, etc.