What characteristics should a good package have

- Mar 26, 2020-

What characteristics should a good package have

1. Good science

This mainly refers to that the packaging can protect and preserve the products in good condition in the selection of materials and the design of form and structure, can effectively cooperate with the operation of transportation, storage, loading and unloading and other circulation links, and can make consumers convenient in the use, carrying and preservation of commodities.

This mainly refers to that the packaging can protect and preserve the goods in good condition in the selection of materials and the design of form and structure, and can effectively cooperate with the operation of circulation links such as transportation, storage, loading and unloading, so as to make the use, carrying and preservation of the goods more convenient for consumers. In addition, whether the packaging materials will pollute the environment and whether they can be recycled is also a very important aspect. Packaging industry is a scientific and systematic project, and the scientificity of each link must be considered in packaging design, which also embodies the characteristics of the combination of art and science.

According to the statistics of the foreign trade department, due to the backward packaging of export commodities, the foreign exchange income of the country is reduced by at least 10% every year. It can be seen that good packaging design is important for the development of national economy.

2. Design accuracy

The accuracy of packaging design is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) The accuracy of information transmission is to enable customers to easily understand all aspects of information from the packaging. This requires that the design should be concise and clear with complete design elements; the brand design of commodities should be based on the principles of easy recognition and easy to remember. Article 8 of the law of the people's Republic of China on the rights and interests of consumers clearly stipulates that "consumers have the right to know the authenticity of the commodities they purchase or use or the services they receive". It is self-evident that most of these rights of consumers are realized through packaging. The age, knowledge and experience of consumers are different. Therefore, the characteristics of consumers at all levels should be taken into account in the design, so as to make the design style targeted, widely applicable, easy to communicate and approachable.

(2) The purpose of developing new products is to occupy market share in a certain field. In the design of packaging, it is necessary to cooperate with the purpose of product development and consider who the product is sold to? Where to sell? Where can I sell it? How to sell and so on. Who to sell refers to the characteristics of the target consumer groups, such as gender, age, occupation and other differences. For example, children's products and adult's products, women's products and men's products will be very different in design style; where they are sold, they are positioned according to the market geographical situation. In different areas, people's living habits, customs, preferences are different, but also have an impact on packaging design. Where to sell and how to sell should consider the sales department and sales mode, which are retail stores, specialty stores, chain stores, or super optional market sales, direct sales, lock promotion, mail order or online sales. These factors will have an impact on the form and form of packaging design. For example, pop packaging is a good combination of several sales methods for packaging design Son.

(3) With the development of time, consumers have formed a relatively fixed cognition and concept for each kind of goods, such as the shape and color of packaging design. We often talk about the concept of food color, color, industrial product color and so on. For example, in China's food packaging, in addition to a few special products such as "black sesame", if a large number of black and green purple are used, it will be difficult for consumers to accept. Therefore, it is crucial to accurately grasp the attributes of commodities. In addition, each product has its own pricing, which aims to occupy market share of a certain price. Some products will be developed in high, medium and low grades to meet different price demands. The cost of packaging is limited by the price of each product, which requires designers to accurately grasp the price characteristics of products and reasonably estimate the packaging cost. It is not scientific to blindly pursue the sense in packaging design. If a low-cost product is designed as a product form, it is not successful even when the cost allows, because it loses the accuracy of product positioning.

3. Economic

It refers to how to realize the protection of packaging at a lower cost through packaging design, making it more suitable for the operation of transportation, storage, loading and unloading, and bringing convenience to consumers. It's hard to imagine that the packaging of Honda motorcycle is so heavy. The main raw material of packaging is corrugated paper, which is the result of scientific and careful design. The cost of corrugating paper is very low. The designer skillfully uses physics, mechanics and other comprehensive technologies to make corrugating paper with good cushioning, easy cutting, forming and other characteristics. With a small amount of wood and metal such as firmware, the packaging has a good protection, and it is easy to open and use, which reflects the economy brought by the design. The reduction of packaging cost is directly reflected in the enhancement of product competitiveness.

The packaging of commodities should follow the principle of commodity packaging, mid-range packaging and low-level packaging, that is, value for money. Violation of the principle of authenticity of packaging will affect the sales of goods.