What are the types of heat shrink labels?

- Jun 20, 2019-

What is a shrink film label? According to the label printing manufacturer, the heat shrinkable film label is a film label printed on a plastic film or a plastic tube with a special ink. During the labeling process, when heated (about 70 ° C), the shrink label will quickly follow The outer contour of the container shrinks and adheres to the surface of the container. The heat shrinkable film label mainly has a shrink sleeve type label and a shrink wrap label.

First, shrink sleeve type label:

The shrinkable sleeve type label is a cylindrical label which is made of a heat-shrinkable film as a substrate and is printed, and has the characteristics of being convenient to use, and is extremely suitable for a shaped container. Shrink sleeve labels generally require a special labeling device to be used to place the printed sleeve onto the container.

First, the labeling device opens the sealed cylindrical sleeve, and sometimes it may need to be punched; next, the sleeve is cut into a suitable size and placed on the container; then heat treated by steam, infrared or hot air passage , so that the sleeve is attached to the surface of the container.

Due to the high transparency of the film itself, the label has a bright color and a good gloss. However, since it must be shrunk during use, there are disadvantages of pattern deformation, especially for products printed with a bar code. Must undergo strict design and printing quality control, otherwise the barcode will be unqualified after the pattern is deformed.

Second, shrink around the label

Shrink-around labels can be labeled with traditional labeling equipment, which requires the use of adhesives and higher temperatures. In the shrinking process, since the adhesive at the overlapping portion of the film may cause stress, it is preferred to use hot melt adhesive.

Currently, shrink wrap labels are usually made of PP film. Since the shrinkage rate of the PP film is not high, it is generally within 20%. Therefore, it is suitable to use hot melt adhesive for labeling.