What are the reasons for the expansion of vacuum packaging bags?

- Aug 26, 2019-

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First, the bacteria in the vacuum bag multiply to produce gas, which is one of the reasons for the expansion of the vacuum bag.Under the condition that the material of the vacuum packaging bag is no problem, it should be considered whether the bag expands due to incomplete sterilization of the food inside and rapid propagation of bacteria.This situation usually occurs in vacuum packaging of meat products.The inspection method is very simple. Put a proper amount of rice (rice usually does not have aerogenic bacteria) in the bag and leave it for half a month after vacuumizing. If there is no swelling phenomenon, it means that the swelling is caused by incomplete sterilization in the process of using the vacuum packaging bag. At this time, you can adjust the sterilization process.

Second, the tightness of vacuum packaging bags and the permeability of vacuum packaging bags.The final process of food bagging is hot-pressing and sealing the vacuum packaging bag. The quality of this process will directly affect the sealing performance of the vacuum packaging bag.If the sealing edge is not tight at the end, the packaging bag will expand.

Three, the transportation process and the vendor warehouse storage temperature.Many products suffer from air leakage due to condensation water generated inside as the room temperature breaks above 37 degrees Celsius.

Four, the reaction between food additives produces gas, causing the vacuum bag to expand.