What are the factors related to the price of vacuum bags?

- Aug 21, 2019-

Nowadays, many foods have to be packed in vacuum bags to ensure their quality.What factors will affect the price of vacuum bags?

1. Related to Material

Materials are needed to make packaging bags, and the materials can be divided into many kinds.Different materials have different prices. For example, the price of transparent vacuum bags is lower, and the price of vacuum bags containing aluminum foil is higher.This has to be selected according to the needs of customers.

2. related to whether there is printing

The price of vacuum bags without printing is naturally lower.Printing itself requires cost, and printing on vacuum bag is naturally more expensive than that without printing.

3. related to size and quantity

The bigger the size, the thicker the packaging bag, the more materials it uses and the higher the price.In the market, many merchants determine the price according to the customized quantity, and the more quantity, the cheaper price.  

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