What are the advantages of using aluminum foil mask packaging bags?

- Aug 31, 2019-

three sides seal bag08.jpg

The demand for facial masks is increasing.In order to prolong the shelf life of the mask and facilitate the transportation and sale of goods, mask manufacturers pay special attention to the selection of the material of the mask packaging bag.So which kind of mask packaging bag is better?

Careful people will find that nowadays many facial masks are packed in aluminum foil bags.That's because: First, aluminum foil bags are relatively stable.Masks usually contain many chemicals. If the packaging material is not stable enough, it will react with the mask for a long time, thus causing the mask to deteriorate.Second, the mask will undergo many changes in external temperature and light after long-distance transportation. Aluminum foil can reduce the influence of temperature, light and humidity to ensure the safety of the mask during transportation.

It is suggested to find a manufacturer with customization experience to make mask bags, because this can reduce the time cost and give you many suggestions on packaging design and customization.