The key points of material selection for boiled bag packaging

- Mar 26, 2020-

The key points of material selection for boiled bag packaging

High temperature cooking bag and vacuum bag are used to pack all kinds of cooked meat food, which are convenient and sanitary. Material: NY / PE, NY / Al / rcpp, knoy / PE features: moisture-proof, temperature resistant, light-proof, fragrance preserving, tough and applicable: high temperature food, ham, curry, baked eel, baked fish and meat brine products. Typical structure of boiled bag PET / PE BOPA / PE PET / Al / PE product characteristics ● can withstand temperature treatment no higher than 106 ℃, no stratification, no leakage. ● high heat sealing strength, good puncture resistance and high impact resistance. Good printability and beautiful printing. ● good oil resistance.. . all kinds of boiled food packaging. Self standing bag is a kind of bag that is not easy to deform and can be placed vertically. The application scope of self standing bag is: (1) daily chemicals (washing liquid, softener, various supplementary bags) (2) pet food (dog food, cat food, etc.) (3) food (steamed food, rice, dried fruit, chestnut bag, etc.) (4) products (tea, powder particles) (2) characteristics of self standing bag: (1) good standing ability (2) good pressure resistance and leakproofness (3) High impact resistance (4) high temperature cooking resistance (3). At present, the materials of self-supporting bags mainly include: (1) ony / LLDPE (2) PET / Al / LLDPE (3) PET / ony / LLDPE (4) PET / CPP (5) ony / CPP (6) PET / VMPET / LLDPE (7) OPP / VMPET / LLDPE (8) aluminum foil bags of other special material structures are usually aluminum plastic composite vacuum bags, which are suitable for large-scale precision mechanical equipment, chemical raw materials Moisture proof, light proof and vacuum packaging of pharmaceutical intermediates. Four layer structure is adopted, which has good function of water and oxygen separation.

Boiled bag packaging is a kind of soft packaging product used for boiled food and food. It is different from high-temperature cooking bag that can withstand high temperature heating, and also different from high-temperature cooking bag with three or four layers structure in structure. The boiled bag packaging is usually two or three layers structure.

Although it is said that the high temperature resistance and barrier performance of boiling bag is slightly less than that of high temperature cooking bag, the actual production process of boiling bag still has higher technical index requirements, which is embodied in the production material selection of boiling bag packaging.

First, the choice of film materials for packaging. Generally, there are BOPA, PE, Al and other materials for boiling film. Among them, the selection of BOPA film should consider the requirements of film flatness, the bow effect should be small, the surface tension of the film should ensure the ink adhesion fastness, and based on the product appearance, the BOPA film with small thermal shrinkage and good relative humidity adaptability should be selected to ensure the overprinter accuracy.

As for the selection of PE for heat sealing layer, we need to make it clear that the boiled bag PE should have better heat sealing strength and good heat sealing performance than the ordinary PE, and can ensure that the boiled bag does not break the bag and has high transparency and other excellent characteristics when it is used for boiling. In addition to its own characteristics, we also need to pay attention to the absence of obvious defects in the thermal seal PE, such as fish eyes, impurities and crystal points that may affect the use, which may cause bubbles or even puncture the film on the surface of the boiling bag during production, resulting in the appearance of poor products such as reduced barrier.

After the selection of film materials, the next thing we should consider is the selection of printing ink. We must consider the ink adhesion fastness of the base film to ensure the peel strength of the ink part.

In addition, the selection of adhesives is also important. In order to meet the production requirements of boiled bag packaging, it is necessary to select adhesives that can withstand boiling and ensure the crosslinking and curing degree after compounding.