The future development trend of shrink label printing

- Jun 20, 2019-

Shrink label printing labels are mainly used in products and industries such as daily chemicals, cosmetics, electronic appliances, medicine, daily necessities, food and beverage, supermarket retail and logistics. Among them, the demand for label products in daily, food and medical care is particularly prominent.

According to data from the shrink label printing industry research group, in 2010 China's label printing output value was 19 billion yuan, and the output was 2.5 billion square meters, up 20% year-on-year; in 2011, the label printing output value was 23 billion yuan, and the output reached 3 billion square meters. Year-on-year growth of 20%. China's shrink-label printing industry has achieved rapid growth with the development of the market economy, especially the rapid development of daily chemical, food, detergent, medicine, cosmetics, home appliances and small household appliances, as well as supermarkets, logistics and other industries. After several years of development The label printing industry chain has been formed.

At present, global self-adhesive label printing can be divided into North America, which is mainly flexographic printing, Europe, which is half of embossed and flexo, and Asia-Pacific, where embossing is dominant, depending on the printing method used. Three camps. A typical representative of the printing of self-adhesive labels in North America using flexographic printing as the leading technology. The main equipment is small and medium-sized unit printing unit, mainly based on ink, using roll-to-roll printing, round and round die-cutting method, featuring high production efficiency, advanced technology and environmental protection requirements.