The characteristics of plastic bags

- Nov 15, 2019-

The plastic packaging bag industry is developing rapidly. If you are a company that sells products, what are the characteristics of the packaging bags? Let's talk about some more practical points:


Any plan that is out of beauty is not an excellent plan. Many plastic bags can be enjoyed by many people as long as they are beautiful. Just because of the good-looking, they can surpass the packaging of many similar products.

2. Identification

Identification refers to characteristics. An excellent packaging plan should have its own brand style, which distinguishes the packaging of other brands. It is best for customers to know which brand of products they see when they see the product packaging. This is very similar to being a person, and talented people are easily remembered by others.

3. Originality

Whether it is a planner or a brand is very important, copying other people's planning works is not only against the professionalism of the planner, but also will endanger the interests of the brand, so that the brand has a cottage, informal, and lack of features. Therefore, original packaging planning works are also conducive to the manufacture of brand identity.

4. Fit product features

This is actually the most basic point. Food packaging must have the appearance of food packaging. Don't make it like pharmaceutical packaging. Male products must have the appearance of male products, don't make them feminine. Packaging plans that do not fit the characteristics of the product are easy to mislead customers and are not conducive to sales.

5. Extensibility

Good packaging planning should also be malleable. Since many packaging plans need to be extended into packaging plans for multiple products, and packaging design elements are often used in the brand communication process, a flexible packaging plan can promote product promotion. It is richer and more solid.

6. Can talk

Many people don't know this, and packaging planning that can do this is rare. Talking can actually mean that customers can get the information they want to know from the product packaging.

7. Match the brand positioning

When many planners got the package planning project, they began to plan a package based on the characteristics of the product. It was recognizable and beautiful, but it was finally approved by the customer. why? Because you have positioned people to be the middle and high-end imported products, planning has become the most dazzling township, how people sell. Similarly, it is not right for you to plan a cheap, rural product in the same way as a luxury. Brand positioning is something that has to be adhered to for a long time, and all planning should match the positioning of the brand.

8. Maintenance function and convenient transportation

The packaging plan is cool, cool, and conceived, but if it doesn't have the product maintenance function and is not convenient to transport, it is a failed package. Planners who have done many floor-to-floor packaging will be more impressed. If your product packaging and maintenance functions are not in place, it may be inconvenient to transport, which will bring great losses to the company.