Six Methods to Distinguish Plastic Vacuum Bag

- Aug 29, 2019-

What can you think of when you mention the vacuum packaging bag?First of all, everyone will definitely say that vacuum bags are bags for food.Poisonous vacuum packaging bags can bring hidden dangers to food safety, while qualified vacuum packaging bags can play a good role in preservation and preservation.Let's look at how to distinguish the quality of vacuum bags.

First, look at the appearance.The toxic vacuum bag is colored or white, but its transparency is poor and turbid. The plastic surface is stretched unevenly and has small particles.The nontoxic vacuum bag is white, transparent or slightly transparent, and has uniform texture.

Second, submerged test.Put thePlastic Vacuum Bag01.jpg vacuum bag into the water, press it to the bottom by hand, wait for a moment, then the non-toxic plastic vacuum bag will emerge from the water surface, and the toxic vacuum bag will sink to the bottom.

Third, listen with your ears and shake with your hands.When shaking food vacuum bag hard, the rattling sound showed that it was nontoxic food vacuum bag, while the low and stuffy sound was poisonous food vacuum bag.

Fourth, burn with fire.The non-toxic vacuum bag is flammable, the flame tip is yellow, and the part is cyan. When burning, it drips like candle tears and tastes like paraffin wax.Poisonous vacuum packaging bags are not easy to burn and extinguish immediately after leaving the fire. The flame tip is yellow and the bottom is green. Softening can draw wires.

Five, smell the taste.Non-toxic plastic packaging bags are tasteless;Those with irritating smell or abnormal taste are poisonous.

Six, touch with the hand.Touching the surface of the plastic packaging bag by hand is smooth and nontoxic.Sticky, astringent and waxy are poisonous.High-quality food vacuum packaging bags have no obvious scratch marks on the appearance and pinhole leakage. The most important thing is to check whether the sealing place is qualified. If the sealing is very firm and the cut surface is neat, then this vacuum bag is a bag with good workmanship.