Production points of aluminum foil bags

- Sep 03, 2019-

1. The choice of the expansion

The more the stitching, the lower the cost, and the appropriate specifications can be selected according to the equipmHTB1l5o_iOAKL1JjSZFoq6ygCFXaA.jpg_.jpgent to greatly reduce the loss.

2. Adhesive selection

A binder having a large initial tack, a high solid content, and a good wettability is selected.

3. The process

(1) The amount of glue applied is about 1.5 times that of the white film. When the printing is full or the printing area is large, the amount of glue should be further expanded.

(2) After the first pass of the composite and post-curing for 13 hours, the second pass was repeated, and the product was cured for 72 hours.

(3) Aluminum foil does not pass through the flattening roller and is joined to the composite roller.

(4) Tension control.

(5) The temperature of the oven and composite rolls is increased as much as possible.