Problems to pay attention to when purchasing packaging film

- Jun 15, 2019-

When purchasing a packaging film, first of all, pay attention to what packaging materials are used for packaging. Different articles also have different requirements for the packaging film. Only when the packaging requirements are met, the packaging film can play a better packaging effect. The important thing is that When buying a packaging film, the first thing to consider is the quality of the packaging film. The price is only second. If you pay attention to the price and ignore the quality, then packaging the article with the packaging film is useless. So how do you tell the quality of the packaging film? Next, simply share with you how to identify the quality of the packaging film:

1. Look at its transparency. The good packaging film has high transparency and thin thickness. The surface of the film has no foreign matter such as impurities and particles. It feels good to feel and sells well.

2, a good packaging film itself has electrostatic adsorption self-adhesive, strong adsorption, in the process of packing the goods tray, it will inevitably bump, this time the good packaging film has played its excellent puncture resistance.