Performance characteristics of plastic packaging film

- Jun 15, 2019-

Plastic packaging film can be applied to chemical, electronic, consumables, glass products, paper, hardware, food, with strong stretch, waterproof and dustproof, green and environmental protection, not easy to break, strong shrinkage. The following describes in detail the performance characteristics of this packaging film:

High toughness and puncture resistance: strong tensile strength, elastic pull, can be used for any geometric shape of the goods, and can avoid the damage caused by the strapping to the shop, with good relaxation, rain, dust and other effects .

Super stretch effect: The plastic packaging film has four times the stretching effect, the use cost is greatly reduced, and the same number of meters, our winding film can be a large tray.

Tight winding: tight winding, high sealing, strong tensile force is not easy to pull off, quality and durable use is more reliable.

Plastic packaging film is used in paper, chemical, chemical fiber, building materials auto parts, hardware tools, electronic appliances, food and beverage industries, etc. This product is widely used in industrial and chemical applications. If you need, please contact us online customer service consultation.