Information to be printed for food packaging bags

- Mar 26, 2020-

Information to be printed for food packaging bags

When we get a package of food, what information can we see on the package? Some friends may answer that the information on the food packaging bag must include: production date, shelf life, manufacturer, product name, etc., which is basically the food packaging bag information that consumers pay more attention to. However, in order to ensure the safety of food, the national food hygiene law has strict requirements for the information that must be printed on food packaging bags. The following is a summary of the information displayed in the food packaging bag.

According to the food safety law, food packaging must contain the following information: production date and shelf life (shelf life can be replaced by effective date), food formula (main ingredients), product registration bar code, net content, product name and trademark, manufacturer's full name, production license number and address, QS logo (CS logo implemented in 2017), product standard number and logo Sign approval number, storage method, edible method and environmental protection sign. If there is allergy or unfit for eating, it is necessary to indicate precautions. All the information required for the above food packaging bags, except the production date and effective date, is printed by the packaging bag manufacturer.

When making triumph packaging design, food enterprises should edit the information documents, trademark authorization, logo drawings, and copies of production license, business license and trademark registration certificate that must be printed for food packaging in advance.