How to Preserve Food in Vacuum Packaging Bag

- Jun 25, 2019-

With the development of the economy, the use of vacuum packaging bags has penetrated into various industries and has been widely used. But most of them are still used in the food industry. Let me introduce how vacuum bags hold food.

1. The vacuum packaging bag removes the air inside, which means that all the gases are removed, so that the microorganisms have no living space and can store food for a long time.

2, some vitamins, lipids, vacuum bags can prevent the oxidation of food, effectively maintain the color and aroma of food.

3, vacuum packaging bag high barrier, has the effect of blocking moisture and oxygen, the internal itself blocks these, plus this, has dual protection, and stable performance, withstand the low temperature refrigeration, can withstand oil attack.

4, some also have the function of moisture-proof, of course, there is also a lack of high temperature, plus the traditional sterilization method, then the food can be better preserved.