How are plastic packaging bags produced?

- Aug 04, 2019-

How are plastic packaging bags produced?

Many enterprises must want to know whether some production techniques and materials of plastic packaging bags can meet their needs when upgrading product packaging. Today, Tangquan Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd.——a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, combines his rich experience in the industry to organize a detailed basic knowledge for you to see if you have missed anything.


Gravure printing: refers to making the characters and patterns on the original document into a printing plate, coating ink on the surface of the printing plate, transferring the characters and patterns on the printing plate to the surface of the printed material through pressure, and accurately and massively copying the same printed matter as the original document. Printing is divided into table printing and internal printing.

2. Composition

Basic principle of plastic composite flexible packaging: Each material has different advantages and disadvantages. Two or more layers of materials are bonded together through media (such as glue) to achieve better performance of packaging films and bags. This technology is called "compound process" in the production process.

3. Curing

The purpose of curing is to accelerate the curing speed of glue between materials.


Cut the printed and compounded materials into specifications required by customers.

5.Bag making

The printed, compounded and cut materials are made into various bags required by customers. Can be made into a variety of bag types: middle sealed bag, side sealed bag, upright bag, suction nozzle bag, four-side sealed bag, zipper bag, etc.

6.Quality Control

There are three links in quality control, one is the inspection of raw materials before storage, the other is the on-line inspection of products, and the third is the inspection of products before shipment. The on-line detection of products includes: printed matter detection-detection of residual solvent, sleeve position, etc. Testing of composite products-testing of composite strength, bubbles, wrinkles, etc. Inspection of bag-making products-inspection of sealing strength, dimensional deviation, etc.

How are plastic packaging bags produced