Aseptic soft food packaging bags have broad prospects for development

- Aug 19, 2019-

At present, aseptic fresh-keeping packaging is popular in food industry in various countries. Its application is not limited to fruit juice and beverage, but also used to package milk, mineral water and wine.

One third of beverages in Britain have been packaged aseptically.Apple juice in Canada has been sterilized.Japan has developed a mineral concentrated absorbent paper bag with calcium phosphate as raw material, which is used for packaging vegetables and fruits and other foods, so that the vegetables and fruits can obtain nutrition supply from the mineral concentrated solution, and absorb ethylene gas and carbon dioxide released by the vegetables and fruits (inhibit the decomposition of chlorophyll and maintain freshness).The U.S. market has introduced a fruit preservation bag made of natural activated clay and polyethylene plastic, which is like a very fine filter screen. Gas and moisture flow through the bag, doubling the preservation period of fruits and vegetables. The bag can be reused, is easy to recycle, and is not more expensive than ordinary plastic bags.

Aseptic food packaging accounts for an increasing proportion.For example, small bags of sterile milk are cheaper, have good flavor and can be stored for a long time at normal temperature.The product not only overcomes the limitation of production area, but also eliminates the cold chain needed in the transportation process, which is beneficial to market expansion.

According to statistics, the world consumes more than 100 billion cartons of aseptic packaging every year. With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for convenient food is bound to increase greatly and will certainly promote the further development of aseptic packaging.