Advantages of using aluminum foil bags to package food

- Jun 05, 2019-

1, Cooked food products are easy to deteriorate and taste. Need to be able to withstand high temperatures, extend the shelf life, and avoid light. The aluminum foil bag just has these advantages, so it is very advantageous to use aluminum foil bags to package cooked food products.

2, Because it is a cooked food, it needs good barrier performance, strong oxidizing, waterproof and moisture-proof. And aluminum foil bags just have these advantages.

3. The cooked meat products such as braised pork, chicken feet and duck neck that are currently on the market will be printed with colorful patterns. The aluminum foil bag has a strong decorative effect and good printing effect, so the cooked food products will generally use this aluminum foil material.

4, Aluminum foil bag is strong plasticity, can make a variety of bag types, such as three-side sealed food packaging bags, four-side sealing bags, octagonal sealing bags, self-standing zipper bags, shaped bags and so on.