Advantages of Series Packaging Design

- Aug 26, 2019-

Serialized packaging first appeared in the 1950s.After the end of the Second World War, the competition in the market has become increasingly fierce. Under this situation, serialized packaging design has generally received the attention of design circles and production enterprises for establishing the overall image, reputation and competitiveness of products.Serialized trademarks make packaging give people a uniform visual effect and appear in the market as a whole in an orderly manner, which has become a mainstream direction in packaging design and presents a huge marketing advantage.

1. Serialized packaging is conducive to the establishment and promotion of enterprise brands

Serialized packaging is to form a unified visual lineup, strengthen brand awareness, enhance communication effect, through a variety of products of the same enterprise, with trademarks as the center, under the principle of diversity and unity, product packaging is organically unified, linked and combined into a series of groups.The purpose of this kind of repeated design is to strengthen consumers' impression of trademarks and enterprises, and to improve their popularity, reputation and trust.

2. Good display and display effect

Serialized packaging emphasizes the overall design and the overall appearance of the product group, so it has great momentum, distinctive features and strong overall feeling.On the shelves, series packaging occupies a large area of exhibition space. Imagine that different bag types with standing bags, side gusset bags and flat bottom bags are all placed on the shelves, the group beauty and regular beauty they present will have an overwhelming impact on other brands.

3. Conducive to enhancing the value of advertising

With the development of society, great changes are taking place in the advertising environment. One of the important changes is that advertising has changed from "informing" to paying more attention to brand management and building brand image.The family characteristics of series packaging design can achieve a ten-to-ten effect in publicity. For example, an influential product can drive the sales of the whole family products.As long as we concentrate on fostering brand publicity, we can reduce advertising expenses and strengthen publicity effects, thus greatly increasing the added value of advertising effects.

4. Conducive to the development of new products

When a product gains the trust of consumers in sales, it is likely to cause repeated purchases.This unified visual form gives the product an excellent brand image, thus stimulating the purchase desire.Therefore, there is a virtuous circle between the development of new products and the expansion of the market.

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